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Slam Specialties MC.2 Controller

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The Slam Specialties MC.2 8-Switch Controller is a two-part control system for your air suspension vehicle consisting of a handheld control unit and the accompanying receiver/driver module. Microprocessors and solid state drivers offer a fast reliable response, while communicating with each other over a pair of wires making the unit easy to install and flexible to move. The MC.2 manual controller handheld is LED back-lit, and can be customized to your personal preference.


  • Billet aluminum case
  • Silicone touch pad
  • Customizable LED back-lit buttons (12 color options)
  • Controller orientation mode programming
  • Valve orientation mode programming
  • Self dimming, dimming on/off mode
  • 3 brightness setting modes
  • Water Resistant Receiver
  • Four corner control with pancake
  • Plug-n-play with SV-8C manifold
  • Controls 8 valves individually
  • One-wire communication for flexible operation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Off-road / show use only

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